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I would like to share my experience with you  about taking sample Mock Exams. I did as many different mock exams as I could get freely over internet. When I finished the first round  reading of R&H book, I took John Hunt's sample test which is considered to be a standard and easy one. So I got an idea of where I stood. I saved all the mock exams for the last month of my SCJP preparation. Before taking the Mock exams I actively participated in . When we try to help others technically or otherwise, we also directly/indirectly learn a lot. It is really satisfying when we feel we are of some help to someone in the world at end of each day. I really liked this learning experience. I just copied some of other Mock Exam taking tips which I learnt from my own experience which I discussed with  one of JavaRanch Members here. For your convenience , I just copied the same post in the following paragraph. I hope you will find this to be of some use.

"What I think is we should give some rest for our mind. (i.e) Max we can handle 50-60 qstns at a time . After that our concerntration is not that good. Maximum we sit at one place and do the test for 1 and a half or 2 hours. Also we can have some good breaks bet 2 consequence tests. Sometimes we can use the Mock Exams as a 'learning tool' rather than a test. But we try not to repeat the same mistake again. If you repeat the same mistake means ,either we do not concentrate / careless / didn't understand the concept well. At the end of any mock exam we should ask ourself, did we learn anything new or not. Sometimes we may get good score just because we are tested on the SAME concept which we already know. So we may have to mix the mock exams well and take them. For example instead of taking Marcus 1 ,2, 3 together, we may take 1 of Marcus and another of some other like that. And also we need not take  60 qstns every time. We can just take 15 or 20 like that. But we should set up our mind before taking sample mock exams. Whether we treat it as a real test or as a learning tool. If we are serious about the % of the sample test, then DO NOT refer anything in between. Sometimes the mock exams qstns/ans itself wrong. So if you think there are going to be lot of wrong qstns/ans we just use that as a learning tool and first give a try ourself and immediately verify the author's answers with some good reference, either JDK/JLS. And also, every time we take a test we make a benchmark of all the test results with some comments. May be like this

Sno.   -   Date   -   Time   -    ExamName   -   # Questions   -  # Correct    -  % Got    -   TimeTaken    -   Comments    -    Area(s)_need_to_Concentrate

As we take the tests we make an entry in this file so that it is easy to know our weekness and strength areas. This information  may also give us a clue of which test to shuffle and take next. Just previous day of the real SCJP2 Exam I referred to all the notes which I had prepared and noted down in this text file earlier when I took those Mock tests.

Also in there is a separate forum for Mock Exam Errata Forum. At any time if you find any question as ambiguous or has some error , come straight to this forum. I am sure you will definitly find it here.Because people discuss many doubts in the Programmer Certification Forum and if we all conclude the question is indeed in error, then we (moderators) move that discussion thread to 'Mock Exam Errata Forum'. Here are some more tips.

All the Mock Exams in the first part of this list are available free on the internet.

The Following table contains a list of over 30 mock exams with over 2000 questions.


Exam Name

Total qstns

Maha's Comments



Javaranch - RulesRoundup game


This is a very simple applet which basically checks the Java Language rules by asking mostly yes/no qstns. It is good if we get 100% in this game before we take our final Sun SCJP2.


Marcus green - Exam1


Marcus Green has composed 3 Mock exams in .html format , and the questions wording is discussed by many people in Javaranch, Marcus also participates in those and respects users comments, and if there is any ambiguity felt by many people , he changes the wording of those questions promptly. So the mock exams are  refined by now and considered to be very good and its toughness is close to the real exam. It is good if we  get atleast 90 to 95% in all the 3 exams to get a high score in Sun's SCJP2 Exam. Many people said the first time when we take Marcus's sample test, the % we get is close to the % we get from the real Exam. So save them for the last 3 weeks of your real exam and see your % on them. exam1.htm


Marcus green - Exam2


        - as above- exam2.htm


Marcus green - Exam3


       - as above - exam3.htm


Sun's sample papers


Sun has some official sample questions for SCJP2 exam in it site. Don't miss them. java/java_progj2se.html


John Hunt


This is considered to be a standard and easy sample qstn paper with questions scattered with all objectives. This is the first sample test I took after I finished the 1st round of reading of R&H book.

View them


Bill brogden (18 out of 32)


Bill Brogden is the author of well known book, Java2 Exam Cram. This is his official web site where he has an Exam Simulation Applet. Qstns considered to be good. TestApplet6.htm


Bill Brogden's Hardest questions


Since the name itself implies, that sample test is going to be hard, I saved it for the last week. I got 19 questions correct out of 20 asked. HardestTest.htm




This person had composed a set of questions which mostly checks with String class. To be through with the == and equals concept we should get all qstns correct in this test. chard/9362/java/javacert/poddar.html




This is another good set of question paper. But it has 3 questions with wrong answers.  Don't forget to write down your answers in a paper while taking this exam as the .html file has got some javascript errors.

Get MindQ  Mock Exam

View MindQ Answers




This person also has composed  a very good collection of questions.I came to know about him through


Barry Boone exam


He is author of the another well known Java Certification book. His book is also known as 'BB' book amond SCJP people. R&H and BB are those who started writing SCJP Certification books initially. Questions are good. Some qstns were brought to Javaranch for ambiguity. chard/9362/java/javacert/newboone1-19.h tml


Barry Boone exam


- as above- chard/9362/java/javacert/newboone20-39. html


Barry Boone exam


- as above - chard/9362/java/javacert/newboone40-70. html


JDCert - applet to download


Questions are simple and good. It has an option of selecting SCJP1.1 and SCJP2. You'll likely have to edit the classpath settings in the run11.bat and run2.bat files to match the setting in the run.bat file. chard/9362/java/javacert/JDCert.html


 Jxam - Java Exam simulator appln to download


This Java application is the best as accepted by many people. Author has given the source code of the applet also. He has given explanation for all his questions. I like it a lot. jxam.html  OR download from here


IBM online exam simulator


Questions seem to be good. But few of the questions got wrong answers and they are discussed in You can use the 'search' facility in the Programmer Certification Forum with the keyword 'IBM' to get all IBM related discussion threads. You have to register first to get the mock Exam paper.


 Online Exam simulator


40 out of 64 questions are asked. Worth to take. The author seems to be an SCJP as well as an SCJD. (Sun Certified Java Developer)


Valiveru's exam applet


Questions are good.  I found 5 questions with wrong wording/wrong answers.


Mughal Khalid's exam applet


Questions are felt to be HARDER THAN the real SCJP2 Exam from Sun. So if you take this test and get low scores don't be upset. But their 'Java Certification Book' seems to be really good. I hadn't bought this book. But from others comment this book is more than just a Certification book. The author does not give answers in this applet. I did a trick to get the answers. I just answered only 1 question at a time and end the exam and saw the results. If I get 1/59 correct means, my answer is correct. Otherwise, if I get 0/59 correct means , my answer was wrong. jcbook/engine.html


Robert and Heller's self test


R&H has put the sample 10 questions on Chapter 6: Objects and Classes from their Java Certification Book, on the internet. Good. Books/certification/testyourself.html


Jammi's applet


Questions are really good and little harder. I used to download the applet and take the test offline. It was a mystery for most of us, since this applet does not say how many questions are going to be asked. I went upto 150 qstns at a stretch. Finally from another member we came  to know the applet ends with 172 questions. The author also has got SCJP review applet which is also good.


Java Exam applet1


This applet also seems to be ok. It pulls out 30 random questions from a database of 158 questions. What I used to do was I just download the applet and go offline (disconnect the internet connection) and take the test Screen/5046/test1.html


Java Exam applet2


same as above Screen/5046/test2.html


Java Exam applet3


 same as above Screen/5046/test3.html


Abhilash's site


I think this person is a JLS (Java Language Specification) favorate. Most of his questions are really very interesting and test us really on our Java fundamentals  explained in JLS. Take it. It is really worth. You can get the answers from the author through email. Main.html


Mock test on JavaFundamentals


This Sample Test, has questions on Java Fundamentals. For each question , the answer as well as explanation are given. Good.


Naveen's SCJP site


Recently put up on the net.Questions are good. Some of his questions are discussed in in Programmer Certification Forum. test.html




This exam also looks good. I haven't gone through each and every question in the exam. I thought of letting you all know about  JavaCaps  resources  and get the feed back from you all. Please do send your comments. I will evaluate and add the comments and send the same to the author also. This site's author has got some java related tutorials also.Thank you. s.html


Free online exam


Questions look good. I just browse through some of the questions. Definitly worth taking atleast once. examdetail.asp?eid=61


TipSmart's sample paper


Questions mostly based on Java language basics which is important for SCJP 2 exam. basics.htm


Parikosh's exam


Thought provoking questions. Some of them are true/false type.Please do send your comments to Parikosh for his helpful work.


Commercial Mock Exams


Product Name


Total qstns




Whizlabs Java Certification (SCJP) Exam Simulators

USD 59.95

671 (SCJP 1.4), 363 (Upgrade exam)

Ensure your success in SCJP 1.4 exam with Whizlabs simulator, the most effective training software for the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam. Major features:
  • Authored by highly experienced and certified professionals
  • High quality mock exams on the latest pattern
  • FREE web-based version featuring "percentile-grading"
  • Interactive Quiz
  • Quick Revision Notes
  • Tips N Tricks
  • Exhaustive explanations for EVERY question
  • High level of customization
  • FREE technical support
  • Unconditional 100 % Money Back Guarantee
  • Scorer of the month


JCertify 4.0

USD 68


JCertify 4.0 conforms to the Exam changes Sun and Prometric made October 4th. JCertify 4.0 was released 12/22/00. 

JCertify 3.0 integrates/distributes content from:

  • Professor Richard Baldwin ( Java Programming Tutorials )
  • Bruce Eckel ( Thinking in Java )
  • Roedy Green ( Java Glossary )

Each question in the exam shows related content as "hot links" in a related content window. One click on the entry and you go to just the right spot that discusses material that covers the objective the question was covering.

JCertify :

Very good article on Java Certification by Dave Hecksel and Marcus Green. : jul00/feature_hecksel-green.cfm 



USD 18 or Indian Rs.300


  • 590 questions of varying toughness
  • Detailed explanations
  • Questions on ALL the concepts from JLS
  • Highly Customizable
  • VERY SIMILAR to actual SCJP2 Questions

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