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Marcus Green's Java Certification site

Multiple mock tests and a thorough crammers book on-line. This site is well known to be the best Java Certification site on the web. Yes, even better than JavaRanch :)

Detailed tutorial covering all the topics of the JavaTM Certification exam. Besides a large number of sample questions for each topic, the site has FAQ on Java™ Certification and links to a large number of Certification sites.

Michael Thomas's Java Certification site
He has more than just certification training. He walks you through learning the language for the first time.

A list of Java Certification mock exams.
When preparing for Java certification, you should take as many mock exams as you can stand.

Maha Anna's Java Page
Maha has put together a huge collection of information on getting Java certified.

New! Sun Certified Java Programmer Pre-Exam Essentials by Dylan Walsh.

SCJP resources based on Sun's objectives

Section 1 Declarations and Access Control


Section 2 Flow control and exception handling

  1. Exceptions in Java (July 1998) -- This article gives an in-depth account of exceptions in the Java language and virtual machine.

2. Designing with Exceptions (July 1998) -- This article discusses design guidelines concerning when and how to use exceptions.

Section 3 Garbage Collection

  1. Bill Venners Object finalization and cleanup

Section 4 Language Fundamentals

  1. Differentiate between reference and primitive types Peter Haggar, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, October 1999. This article is excerpt from his book Practical Java.

2. Understanding that parameters are passed by value and not by reference Peter Haggar, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, October 1999. This article is excerpt from his book Practical Java.

3. Object Initialization in Java (March 1998) -- This article describes in detail the process of object initialization in Java programs. It discusses constructors, initializers, instance initialization (init) methods, initialization and inheritance, object images on the heap, and the order in which an object's variables get initialized. It serves as a companion to the regular Design Techniques installment, "Designing object Initialization."

4. Designing Object Initialization (March 1998) -- This installment of Design Techniques begins with a quick look at object design fundamentals, then goes on to discuss various approaches to designing initializers and constructors so as to facilitate the proper initialization of objects.

5. Designing with Static Members (March 1999) -- This article discusses how to use static fields and methods.

6. Inner classes. So what are inner classes good for anyway? (JavaWorld)

7. Java Tip 106: Static inner classes for fun and profit This tip provides an example of using static inner classes to add separate, optional, supplemental functionality to your classes for such things as testing and example code. By John D. Mitchell

Section 6 Overloading, Overriding, Runtime Type, and Object Orientation

  1. The Booch Method - Summary Note

 Section 7 Threads

1. Sun's tutorial

2. Beware the Daemons

3. Synchronizing threads in Java

4. Java Threads, By Scott Oaks & Henry Wong Chapter 1. Introduction to Threading

 Section 8 The java.awt PACKAGE

  1. The Event Generator Idiom (September 1998) -- This article discusses how and when to make a Java class observable.

2. JavaTM AWT: Delegation Event Model

3. GridBagLayout simulator and tutorial (temporarily? down)

4 Another GridBagLayout simulator

Section 9 The java.lang PACKAGE


Section 10 The java.util PACKAGE

  1. Introduction to the Collections Framework. Short Course By MageLang Institute

2.Using Collections with JDKTM1.2 by Glen McCluskey

Section 11 The PACKAGE

  1. Top Ten Myths about Java I/O by Elliotte Rusty Harold

2. Examples from Java I/O (from "Java I/O" By Elliotte Rusty Harold)

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