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JavaRanch Rule Round-up Game

GOAL OF THE GAME: Herd all the cows into the pen by answering the questions correctly. Each time you give a correct answer, the cows move closer to the pen.

ROUNDS: 3 per game.


You'll be "ranked" after the first two rounds, and at the end of the third round you'll see your score for the full game.

ANSWER KEY: At the end of a full game (three rounds), you will be able to click to see each of the questions you missed, with an explanation of the answers. Good luck.

IMPORTANT: To see the correct answers for the questions you missed, you must play three rounds. Then click the button in the applet and you'll be able to step through each question.

WARNING: When running on NT, a known bug can cause the previously chosen radio button to still be highlighted when you move to a new question. Just ignore that and make your choice, if you want to choose the same radio button.

WARNING: If you get all the answers correct, the next round may not appear properly.

WARNING: If you have installed Sun's jdk version 1.3.1 or higher, you will need to disable the option to "Use Java 2 v1.3.1_02 for <applet>

So many Virtual Machines... so little consistency... the joy of applets!

If you find a quirk in the game other than these, please mosey on over to the Big Moose Saloon and let us know about it.

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