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No TV at The Bunkhouse, so if you have some time on yer hands, you might want to sit by the fire with a good book. We've stuck a note on the bookshelf pointing out which books are worth readin'.
Beginning Java
Just getting started or want to brush up on the basics. Look in here for some help.
Stuff that doesn't fit other categories: C, PHP, Jython, TCP/IP...
Advanced Java
Covering the more meaty elements of Java
  Project management, Process and Best Practices
"Peopleware", "The Pragmatic Programmer", "The Mythical Man-Month". No more comments,
Data modeling, SQL and JDBC
MySQL, Oracle etc.
  Servlets, JSP and Tag Libraries
Design Patterns, UML, and Refactoring
All elements of designing Java applications
  Swing, AWT, and Graphics
Java Swing and 2D and 3D Graphics
Distributed Computing
RMI, Corba, Jini, Jiro, JXTA.
  Web design, HTML and JavaScript
Enterprise JavaBeans
For beginners and experts
  Web Services and SOAP
Concepts and tools. Java and C#.
Java EE
Everything except Servlets and JSP: WebSphere, WebLogic, JMX, JBoss, Struts...
XML and "surrounding technologies": DTD, Schema, XSL-FO, XSLT etc.
Java Certification
Books designed to help with studying for Sun Java
  C# and .NET
Miscellaneous Java
Threads, I/O, J2ME, Security, Cryptography, Internationalization and more.
Stuff that has little of nothing to do with programming, except it helps you to become a better programmer or it is just fun.

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Bert enjoys Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel.
High quality paper and tasty ink make this book a favorite! Yum, yum!
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