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Code Generation in Action
by Jack Herrington

Manning Publications
1 edition
July 2003
368 pages

Reviewed by Matthew Phillips, August 2003
  (7 of 10)

This book is packed full of information on code generators. This is both its positive and negative point.

It gives you a lot of information about when code generators are useful and when they are not. It also has sample code generators for just about any coding need you could imagine. The chapter on writing database access generators is almost worth the price of the book in its own right.

My biggest complaint about the book is that it is listed for software engineers or architects of any level of experience. This book is definitely not for beginners. It is a book that I will probably need to read several chapters again before I write my first code generator and keep it close by while I'm doing it. In some ways it seems to complicate some of the issues instead of simplifying them. Overall though it's a pretty good read although it could have been better.

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