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AspectJ in Action
by Ramnivas Laddad

Manning Publications
1 edition
July 2003
512 pages

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, August 2003
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This is the third book on Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) with the AspectJ programming language. AOP is a new programming approach that complements the traditional object-oriented approach by allowing developers to modularize crosscutting concerns of an application, such as security, logging, tracing, etc, into "aspects". Such a mechanism provides for a better maintainability of the code and allows programmers to reuse aspectual modules in multiple applications.

By adopting a hands-on approach, this book is committed to be a very practical reference for aspect-oriented programmers. The author did a wonderful job of introducing the new AOP trend. So far, no other book succeeded to present the challenges of AOP so well as the author of this book does.

In the first part, the author presents the basic syntax of AspectJ and goes on with more advanced concepts of the language. The second part is dedicated to presenting simple applications of AspectJ in monitoring (logging, etc), policy enforcement and optimization (pooling, and caching) techniques. The third part delves into more advanced applications of AOP and AspectJ, such as patterns and idioms, thread safety, authentication and authorization with JAAS, transaction management, and implementing business rules with JESS. Finally, the author explains how to use Ant and the AspectJ compiler to build applications efficiently.

In summary, this book provides a very good resource for both people starting to learn AOP and AspectJ and experienced AOP programmers who wish to deepen their knowledge in this new area.

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