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Murach's C# (.Net Developer)
by Eben Hewitt

Mike Murach & Associates
1 edition
April 2004
749 pages

Reviewed by Susan Kappel, January 2005
  (9 of 10)

This book is an excellent introduction for every starting C# programmer but can also be used as a reference for the intermediate programmer that would like to quickly gain specific information.

The chapters are short and self-contained and each subject is clearly explained.

I particularly liked the unconventional format where the page on the right hand page "supported" the subject matter on the left page making extensive use of diagrams and bullet points. It really helped to make thing easier to understand.

The book not only covers most of the c# syntax but also gives a clear explanation about OO and contains a large section about database programming. The exercises are built up in such a way that they force you to think for yourself and they are all focused on real world problems. They really help you understand the subject matter much better, so I suggest you do them all.

I would highly recommend this book not only the starting C# developer but to any developer in general.

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