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Tapestry 5: Building Web Applications
by Alexander Kolesnikov

Packt Publishing
1 edition
January 2008
280 pages

Reviewed by David O'Meara, March 2008
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"Tapestry 5: Building Web Applications" was not written by the creator of Tapestry, but the author Alexander Kolesnikov is a contributor to the project and has been associated with the technology for a while. I liked this since when the author is also the creator, they often want others to love their work the way they do, and the book either feels like they are selling something or it makes assumptions on knowledge required to learn the technology and misses key points.

The book builds on the features of Tapestry in an easy and nonthreatening manner, so that each example feels accessible to the reader. In fact it was quite pleasing the way that the features unfolded during the book, and to me this was more of an encouragement to use the framework than any type of forced sell. There is a pro-Tapestry stance throughout the book, but that shouldn't be too surprising!

It is worth pointing out that Tapestry was rewritten from version 3 to version 4 to version 5, and while initially this confused me and gave me fears for V6, it does allow the current version to make use of the full features of Java 5, all of which is laid out in the book. Since the book does target Tapestry version 5 only, it won't be of direct help to anyone needing help upgrading from a previous version. The book is also geared more towards learning Tapestry than being a useful resource, so this should also be taken into account when purchasing.

Now that I have read the book, "Tapestry 5" has succeeded in getting me interested in using Tapestry to build a project of my own, and the advanced section on creating your own components gave me some ideas...

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