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Beginning Perl Web Development
by Steve Suehring

1 edition
November 2005
376 pages

Reviewed by Madhav Lakkapragada, February 2006
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I do love this book. The narration is excellent -- simple, precise explanation for the beginner yet if you are an experienced Perl developer and just don't remember the syntax its explained so precisely.

Its been a long time that I read a book that is so simple yet so much on the mark. The author takes great care in explaining the Perl and the CGI modules and then introduces powerful concepts like Database connectivity (try reading a JDBC book and comparing the concepts) and then into SOAP/XML. The book also explains various web modules (request, response, cookies etc etc), on which I did not spend a lot of time.

Other topics (again I did not spend a lot of time in these topics either) covered in this book relate to Email, TCP/DNS modules, the Apache mod_perl tools and dynamic web page creation using the Mason module and use of Templates.

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