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Pro Apache Beehive
by Kunal Mittal, Srinivas Kanchanavally

1 edition
August 2005
240 pages

Reviewed by David O'Meara, December 2005
  (6 of 10)

I was quite impressed with the way this book was presented. While there were some sections that weren't quite right for me, overall the introduction sections and lead up, examples and prose all hit the spot and as such it was an enjoyable book to read.

The book provides a "from the ground and upwards" introduction to Beehive so it does not require any prior knowledge to get started. This isn't too surprising for a framework with a comparatively smaller user base. It also has a very nice introduction to the available Beehive tools so that you can start working efficiently.

While it is not approached as a Beehive marketing exercise (and this was a relief), I was a little confused between the BEA and Beehive offerings in the earlier sections. Maybe it is of worth for people moving to Beehive, but at the point where you're still confused about the starting concepts I found it a bit distracting.

While I wasn't a complete fan of the framework itself, the instructions and examples provided make this a very useful book if you intend to give Apache Beehive a go yourself.

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