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Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
by Paul B. Monday

1 edition
April 2003
352 pages

Reviewed by Thomas Paul, August 2003
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Now that we have read all the books on the basics of web services and have a good understanding of how they are supposed to work it is time to get down to actually trying to create some decent designs for our web services applications. That is where this book fits in. The book shows how to apply design patterns to a web service architecture in order to solve common design problems. If you are designing a web service architecture you will want to read this book before drawing another UML diagram.

The book starts out by looking at the design patterns used in web services itself. This part of the book was interesting but not overly useful. The next part, making up most of the book, covers design patterns that you are likely to need in developing web applications. This part of the book is excellent. Each pattern is discussed in detail and then demonstrated in a case study that is developed throughout the book. The book covers twenty different patterns so there is bound to be one that is applicable to your application.

The book contains only snippets of code from the case study so you will need to download the code in order to get the full value of the case study. The reader of this book should be comfortable with web services and design patterns in general and be ready for an in-depth discussion of web services architecture.

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