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10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know
by Dermot McCormack, Fergal O'Byrne

Aspatore Books
1 edition
January 2004

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, July 2005
  (8 of 10)

Nowadays, almost all businesses heavily depend on technology for carrying out their everyday chores. According to the pace at which new technologies emerge and current ones become obsolete, it is safe to say that most modern executives have a hard time figuring out which technologies are good for their business and which are not. In order to remedy to this, Dermot McCormack and Fergal O'Byrne have put together a nice and concise summary of the top ten technologies every self-conscious executive should be aware of.

In this book, the authors make an excellent job at giving sense to some obscure buzzwords and at demystifying cutting-edge technologies, such as, web services, nanotechnology, security, grid computing, Linux, RFID, WiFi, XML, CRM, J2EE and .NET. For each topic, the authors provide a detailed summary, a couple of facts to watch out for the future, a top ten cheat sheet for immediate use, a timeline providing an estimation of when the technology will be mature, frequently asked questions as well as a host of useful pieces of information you might need.

If you are an executive without a sound IT background and you find yourself repeatedly yawning in those technical meetings, you should definitely get a copy of this book. Be aware, though, that this book does not go into the gory details of the introduced technologies as its goal is only to give you enough information for assessing whether a given technology may benefit to your business or not.

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