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iPad Made Simple
by Gary Mazo, Martin Trautschold

1st edition
May 31, 2010
744 pages

Reviewed by Jeanne Boyarsky, June 2010
  (7 of 10)

"iPad Made Simple" is a case where appearances can be deceiving. When I got this book, I thought "but, but, it's bigger and heavier than the iPad." I wondered what there could possibly be to say in so many pages. Then I started reading. There are three reasons the book is so thick. There are LOADS of screenshots, coverage of common apps and a 70 page intro to iTunes.

What I liked best:
1) The screenshots. Now I'm a techie and wound up flipping through them after a while. But for things that weren't obvious like how to select text, the screenshots were great to have.
2) The 35 page quickstart guide at the beginning.
3) The excellent coverage of what apps to look into including a comparison of leading competitors.
4) The tips - synching calendar, free internet radio, etc.
5) Advanced features - voiceover
6) Seeing the word "accelerometer" in a book for beginners - don't worry - they define it

What I would have liked better:
1) The physical size being smaller - I read on the train, so it was a bit inconvenient.
2) It is so specific that it may be out of date faster. For example, if Apple pushes an update to support running more than one app at once.
3) I did notice one or two typos, but they weren't significant.

I also read "iPad Portable Genius" so my recommendation includes when to buy each of the books. The price is only $5 different so that isn't a factor. If you already know about the iPad, want some tips and want to read it on your lap, get "iPad Portable Genius." If you are new to the iPad or plan to read it on a table, get "iPad Made Simple." Either way, enjoy your new iPad!
Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing this review on behalf of JavaRanch/CodeRanch.

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