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Struts Design and Programming
by Budi Kurniawan
1 edition
April 2005
450 pages

Reviewed by Balaji Loganathan, May 2005
  (10 of 10)

You can save lot of time on browsing Internet on finding tutorials on Struts, yes this book gives you everything that you need to know on programming Struts.

Best buy for both the beginners and the experts, also tips you as a handy reference.

This book serves more than a tutorial on Struts. Even though you can find lot of free short online tutorials, this book made a great deal on putting together explaining every concept of the framework in a precise and down to earth manner.

You don't have to refer other books/sites, because each chapter is fully driven with examples, screen shots of application output framed on a browser, screen shots of webapp directory structure and the code snippets.

I particularly liked the chapters that covered the tasks like file upload, dataacesss,l18n and paging-sorting. I also liked the table listing the attributes, type and a short definition of every tag which is something that every programmer will look for.

The example codes were made ready to use with no complexity on configuring and understanding the package structure. (A little work is needed anyway).

Overall this is one of the effective Struts tutorial available in the market now.

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