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Just Enough Requirements Management
by Alan M. Davis

Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated
1 edition
May 2005
240 pages

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, June 2005
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The primary goal of an information system is to provide a solution to a business problem. The development of such systems usually involves people from several sectors, such as the IT sector as the solution provider and the business sectors for which the software solution is being devised. Since the needs are usually expressed by the customer, it becomes immediately clear that one of the most critical phases of the software development lifecycle is the requirements phase. Failing to efficiently manage that phase can have disastrous consequences as the implemented solution might not correctly fulfill the customer's needs.

Alan M. Davis, an award-winning professor, author and entrepreneur, contributes very useful requirements management techniques for effectively performing and managing requirements elicitation, triage, specification and change. Davis argues that one of the main points to focus on when managing requirements is to allow computer-savvy IT actors and computer agnostic business actors to understand each other by using a language that can be understood by both parties and that can be easily adapted to the relative complexity of the problem and to the available resources.

If you repeatedly find yourself having troubles managing requirements for your information system development projects, or if you have a hard time communicating with your marketing or business departments or even with your customers, this book will undoubtedly make your day. If successfully applied, Davis' techniques will definitely have a highly positive impact on both your budgets and the quality of the delivered solutions.

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