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Effective Software Test Automation
by Kanglin Li, Mengqi Wu

1 edition
February 2004
400 pages

Reviewed by Jeanne Boyarsky, April 2004
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Effective Software Test Automation walks the reader through building an automated testing tool in C#.

The book describes its target audience as intermediate to advanced programmers. This is accurate since some of the examples get quite complex, such as reflection. The book provides a quick overview of C# for programmers that know other languages. As someone who does not know C#, I found this overview sufficient for understanding the book. The book also gives step-by-step instructions on how to follow the examples using Visual Studio .NET.

The authors state that the concepts in this book can be applied to other languages, such as Java. While this is true, many of the examples are .NET specific. One of the chapters covers testing the Windows Registry. Other chapters cover how to use .NET to accomplish reflection, testing spreadsheets, etc.

The testing tool that ends up being developed is similar to a subset of commercial tools, like Insure++. The tool developed by the book looks as if it could be a good open source tool for C#. If you are a C# developer, it is worth buying the book for the source code alone. The book could be used as a user guide (or developer guide if you are extending the tool.)

I found this book to be a great walkthrough of a C# project. The authors take you through the iterations of the project as it advances. Overall, I would recommend the book for .NET developers.

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