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Regular Expression Pocket Reference
by Tony Stubblebine

second edition
July 2007
126 pages

Reviewed by Jeanne Boyarsky, August 2007
  (7 of 10)

"Regular Expression -- Pocket Reference" is just as high in quality as it's big brother ("Mastering Regular Expressions.")

The book begins with a very brief review of regular expression concepts and patterns. For each language/tool, the book includes tables to reference the metacharacters, a reference for the API/syntax/library and four examples. A few of the languages have additional examples tailored specifically to that language.

The languages/tools included are: Perl, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PCRE, Apache Web Server, vi and awk/sed/egrep. If you use a number of these, the book is a concise reference. If you only use one, you would be better served by printing out the relevant reference charts from the website of your language of choice.

If you are learning about regular expressions or only going to buy one regular expressions book, I recommend the "Mastering Regular Expressions.?" If you are knowledgeable about regular expressions and just need a review or reference, this book does the job nicely.

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