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Beyond Java
by Bruce A. Tate

1 edition
September 2005
200 pages

Reviewed by Mark Spritzler, November 2005
  (8 of 10)

First I have to laugh. Because this is one of those books where the author is either trying to get people mad, just to see their reactions, or they really know what's going on and are the first to say so, and therefore be burned at the stake. Or they are just morons who have no clue. I think after a number of reviews have come in for this book, I think you will find all of them cover the above three.

First, this book makes me think and makes me want to look further into Ruby on Rails and continuation servers. They sound interesting. Second, some of the things Bruce says in this book seem to contradict themselves when it comes to him sounding off at Java's shortcomings.

First he says he doesn't like the "verbosity" of generics (Java 5.0), then he talks about having to use Iterators and the code you have to write to loop through Collections (Java 1.4). Meaning that for his argument, he'll use Java with version 1.4, and in another he'll use Java 5.0 But only to "prove" his argument. He jumps back and forth. I can do that in any language, use a fault in a much older version to use in an argument about the version today.

I think some of his "pluses" for using Ruby is because he hasn't used a dynamic typed language before, and not seeing the trade-offs and other maintenance problems that come with dynamic typing. We'll have to see.

I also respect Bruce, because I really enjoyed his Better Faster Lighter Java book.

Buy this book for the entertainment value from either side, the I want to beat him up, to I completely agree with him 100%. Either way you will have fun reading it.

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