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Knoppix Hacks
by Kyle Rankin

unknown edition
October 2004
336 pages

Reviewed by David O'Meara, May 2005
  (8 of 10)

This book is partly Knoppix specific hacks, partly more generic Linux tips, however the real value are the tips showing how Knoppix can be used as a tool.

The Knoppix-specific hacks are useful but only valuable if you use Knoppix all the time, which is not as crazy an idea as it sounds if you look at some of the hacks listed. Don't discount these tips though, many of them are necessary for the later ones. Similarly the Linux tips are helpful but are quite easy to find with an internet search.

The first time I used Knoppix was to recover data from a failed harddrive, another tip in the book, and I've been a fan since. I've also tried couple of other recovery tips with moderate success - when I mess up a filesystem, I do it properly! The other tips of this nature, such as using Knoppix as a tool for action in emergencies or when the system is in danger, are the real cream in the book. In situations it is possible to use other tools to perform some of the tasks, but Knoppix is a one stop shop.

You may not get value from every tip in the book, but there is enough help and variety that you will still find a list of uses, and you may find enough value to make it worth keeping a Knoppix book disk - and a copy of this book - on hand at all times.

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