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PC Hacks
by Jim Aspinwall

1 edition
October 2004
304 pages

Reviewed by David O'Meara, May 2005
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What a beautiful little book! It will only take you a day or two to read, and more importantly, give you a dozen projects you'll be dying to try out. Personally I found about ten I intend to use, twenty I'd like to try, and ten more I wish I'd known about years ago.

The tips include hacks for the BIOS, hardware and the operating system. Some of the tips relate to very old hardware or operating systems, but this is fine since there aren't that many of these tips. The OS tips tend to relate mostly to flavours of windows, but there are enough Linux tips to still make it a worth while read.

Each tip is written in a concise format which provides plenty of information without being long winded, making the book easy to browse and use.

If the last chapter, covering configuring a new computer (anti-virus, malware and firewalls) was first, I'd recommend this book to be distributed with any new computer. Regardless, this is a great book that anyone will get value from.

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