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AspectJ Cookbook
by Russell Miles

1 edition
December 2004
354 pages

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, May 2005
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Undeniably, AOP has gained a significant momentum in the academic world over the past years and is increasingly acquiring ground and broad support in industrial settings as well. Until now we have experienced four editions of the AOSD conference, the publication of a dozen books dedicated to AOP as well as the birth of numerous frameworks, libraries and languages, such as AspectJ which is commonly considered as the most popular and mature AOP language. The increasing popularity of AspectJ is directly proportional to the growing need for a consolidated AOP code base that shall help people solve their everyday programming tasks.

In AspectJ Cookbook, Russell Miles has successfully put together more than 350 pages of high quality material freshly unloaded from his AOP backpack just for you. Sure as hell you already have a dozen versions of the logging aspect in your pockets, but do you know how to efficiently validate method parameters, how to transparently remote a class using RMI, how to implement GoF patterns in a non invasive way, and how to seamlessly enable caching in your code?

Aside from the fact that this book could have contained twice its page count, it is a pure product of a pragmatist for pragmatists. You won't find endless and tiring stories, just a fair load of ready to use AOP code organized along O'Reilly's famous problem/solution/discussion cookbook format. If you are still wondering whether AOP will take off some day, stop thinking and start acting.

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