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Enterprise Services Architecture
by Dan Woods

1 edition
September 2003
223 pages

Reviewed by Ajith Kallambella, December 2003
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In the second book in the series between O'Reilly and SAP, author Dan Woods takes the reader through an interesting tour of Enterprise Services Architecture and the evolution of WebServices(WS). He makes a business case for applying WS in the enterprise and argues that despite slow standardization and lack of broader vendor support, WS strategy will surely benefit early adapters.

For starters get this - The concept of Web Services was actually conceived by SAP! Woods shares the historical perspective and speaks about implementing the very first SOA based applications while working at SAP. The thin UI layer of uses a services layer to communicate with loosely coupled components and data services.

This book is aimed at senior management and IT professionals involved in building software solutions for the ever-changing enterprise landscape. This is a book about the philosophical, ideological and evolutionary significance of SOA. In the section titled Making a business case for the use of SOA, Woods looks at Ent.Web Services through the eyes of a consultant, an analyst, a venture capitalist and finally a system integrator, and quotes from the very best industry experts in each of these domains. Beyond the trenches of IT shops, in what Woods describes as Part Engineering discipline and part Computer Science applied to practical business problems, he hypothesizes that pervasive use of Web services will ultimately result in an incremental improvement towards a more efficient society. Efficiency will primarily apply to reduce annoyances of everyday life such as filing for taxes, setting up health insurance or getting a driver s license. Freed up human capital will cumulatively help build efficient, elegant and practical living conditions for all.

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