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Linux in a Nutshell
by Ellen Siever, Stephen Figgins, Aaron Weber

fourth edition
June 2003
944 pages

Reviewed by Ilja Preuss, August 2003
  (7 of 10)

"A Desktop Quick Reference" is the subtitle of this book, and this describes exactly what it is.

The first 500 pages are an alphabetical list of the common linux commands, each accompanied by a short description and a terse mention of the available options.

The other half is subdivided into 17 chapters, each covering such diverse topics as boot methods, shell programming, editors and version management. Though concentrating on the command line level, the last four chapters cover graphical desktops.

Though giving some hints to beginners, the vast amount of information in the book is targeted at experienced linux users who want to get a quick overview, or search for that specific command they already have in mind.

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