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Effective Project Management
by Robert K. Wysocki, Rudd McGary

third edition
August 2003
504 pages

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, August 2003
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Project management activities are often seen as a waste of time even though they are at the core of any project. Various studies demonstrate that many projects have failed because they lacked the appropriate project management support. Properly managing a project is a difficult, but very important aspect of any kind of venture, be it academic or industrial, small or big, short- or long-lasting. This book introduces existing project management methodologies and best practices, and explains how to successfully manage a project from inception to completion.

The first two bestselling editions of this book have successfully taught the Traditional Project Management approach (TPM) and imposed themselves as the definitive guide to effective project management. This third edition completely covers the first two but it has undergone a major rework to introduce Extreme Project Management (xPM) as well as a new approach, called the Adaptive Project Framework (APF) that bridges the gap between TPM and xPM. This new project management framework is suitable for those kinds of projects for which the TPM and the xPM approaches are inadequate. APF has proven to be very successful in many real-world projects. APF is good tool that teaches you how to better deal with changes and how to anticipate and expect them.

In summary, this book can be of great value to both experienced and inexperienced project managers. It is bundled with a CDROM containing all MS Powerpoint slides of every figure, and a trial edition of MS Project 2002.

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