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VB .NET in 60 Minutes a Day
by Bruce Barstow

1 edition
May 2003
800 pages

Reviewed by Eric Pascarello, March 2004
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VB.NET in 60 minutes is a great book for beginners showing them how to dive into the world of .NET. This book has online material to help you grasp the concepts of the VB.NET in a structured manner. The author of this book does a great job explaining all aspects of VB.NET programming. I was impressed in the amount and quality of the information in such a small book. I have seen other books cover this material, but not as well as this one. This book is not a great quick look-up desk reference, but that was not its design. If you want to produce applications and you are just starting, lasso up this book and bring it home. View the online content, it will help.

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