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Refactoring To Patterns
by Joshua Kerievsky

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
August 2004
400 pages

Reviewed by Corey McGlone, October 2004
  (9 of 10)

A high quality reference for those that want to gain some direction to their refactoring. That's what Joshua Kerievsky has managed to create with this book. This book assumes that you already know about refactoring and even states clearly that this book is best read with Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" as a reference. With that prerequisite in mind, this text does an excellent job of introducing the process of using refactorings to fix code problems by introducing patterns into your design.

Some of the strongest points include: editing, organization, and clarity. My hat goes off to the editor(s) of this book as I found very few errors even though this book contains a lot of "real world" code. Organizationally, this book does an excellent job of making itself useful as a "read-through" book for those that want to immerse themselves in the topic and as a reference book that can sit on your shelf until you need it.

One word of caution about this book is that it originally started as a paper and grew from there. Especially throughout the first few chapters of the book, this is very evident. Constant references to works done by other authors and numerous footnotes can, at times, become a bit distracting from the overall message.

Overall, this is an excellent book and, if you're into extreme programming and refactoring, it's one that you're going to want to have on your shelf.

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