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J2EE Web Services
by Richard Monson-Haefel

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
October 2003
928 pages

Reviewed by Kyle Brown, February 2004
  (8 of 10)

If you intend on doing any serious Web Services work in Java over the next couple of years, you need this book. It's an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting -- 887 pages!) tome on the subject.

Richard manages to cover all of the major standards and API's for Web Services, in sufficient depth that you can develop to them, and appreciate the subtleties in how they interact. It's chock-full of examples, and loaded with information from one of the best authors in the business.

However, there are a couple of things in the book that aren't covered as deeply as they could have been. My personal bone is that the coverage of Security is drawn directly from the spec -- which means that because the spec is kind of fuzzy with regard to security that your container may have different behaviors than the behavior that is assumed. He doesn't discuss Web Services security at all (which is quite understandable given the focus on the spec), but given that it's a part of most implementations of J2EE web services, may have been a good thing to cover for perspective. Overall, it's still a very, very good book, but not perfect. Just be aware that the Web Services capabilities of your particular container may differ slightly.

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