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Servlets and JSP: The J2EE Web Tier
by Jayson Falkner, Kevin R. Jones

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
September 2003
784 pages

Reviewed by Gregg Bolinger, October 2003
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Addison-Wesley has released yet another book covering Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages appropriately titled Servlets and JSP: The J2EE Web Tier. Jayson Falkner is known for several other books covering JSP and the JSTL while Kevin R Jones breaks into the J2EE scene with this book.

This book starts out like any other J2EE book for beginners covering topics like CGI, the HTTP protocol, and why we need a technology like Servlets and JSP. It then goes on to discuss how a web container like Tomcat works and how to deploy a simple "Hello World" servlet. But then, the book makes a startling jump to writing a servlet to upload a file. While this may be something most people will want to know how to do, I didn?t find it appropriate to discuss so early.

The rest of the book is pretty much a regurgitation of every other book on Servlets and JSP. The book promises to delve into the features of the new J2EE specification and inadequately does so by briefly discussing the Expression Language new to JSP in the same chapter that JavaBeans are discussed.

The book ends in classic fashion with Database access and DataSources which was highly expected. You can't have a Servlets and JSP book without this chapter.

All and all I would say that I was pretty disappointed in this book. If you are new to Servlets and JavaServer Pages I would suggest leaving this book on the shelf.

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