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The XML Schema Companion
by Neil Bradley

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
November 2003
336 pages

Reviewed by Andrew Monkhouse, December 2003
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This book provides a very good explanation of the features of the XML Schema standard, and as such it will prove to be very valuable to anyone primarily modeling XML documents.

The author demonstrates, using very clear examples, how the syntax can be used and, where possible, some of the possible pitfalls you might encounter. A basic understanding of XML is required, however the author takes care to ensure that this is all that is required.

Starting with the very basics, the author shows how to build simple Schemas, including examples of the XML documents they detail. Once that is out of the way, the author then dissects individual structures and elements, showing how they can be used.

Being primarily a reference book on XML Schemas, the writing is fairly dry. So it may not be suitable for someone just starting with XML Schemas. However when you have learnt to use XML Schemas you will no doubt find this to be an excellent reference guide.

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