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SQL Performance Tuning
by Peter Gulutzan, Trudy Pelzer

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
September 2002
528 pages

Reviewed by Mark Spritzler, March 2003
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So you just bought that Surrey with the fringe on top, but the wagon wheels squeek and the horses are trotting slowly. What do you do? I'll tell you. You go out and buy SQP Performance Tuning.

While not written to a specific DBMS, this book examines every nook and cranny of SQL statements, table structure and storage, indexes, stored procedures and many more.

It would take many years of experience, through trial and error, to figure out half of these "Speed Fixes". But it is all right here in one book. Every SQL expert wishes they had had this book when they started. It would have saved them years of frustration. I just wish I could memorize all the great suggestions and how to's in one reading. So this will now be my #1 reference book when writing SQL queries et al.

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