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Inside Java 2 Platform Security - Architecture, API Design and Implementation
by Li Gong, Gary Ellison, Mary Dageforde

Prentice Hall PTR
second edition
June 2003
384 pages

Reviewed by Junilu Lacar, June 2003
  (7 of 10)

This book will help you understand what considerations were made during the development of the Java 2 security architecture. You get real insider information since the authors Gong and Ellison have been chief and lead security architect, respectively, for the Java 2 development team. It is concise yet fairly detailed at times, and about as fun to read as the JLS, if you're into that sort of thing. It is not a how-to book so don't expect to find any detailed examples. It only covers the J2SE platform security. Security on other platforms and technologies like J2EE and J2ME are discussed briefly in the last chapter. Even though I wouldn't really go buy the book, I hope Sun makes it available in some form on their website like they did with the JLS because it does have some useful information.

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