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Google Web Toolkit Solutions: Cool & Useful Stuff
by David Geary

1 edition


Reviewed by Balaji Loganathan, February 2007
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I got a chance to review this new eBook Google Web toolkit solutions by David Grey.

Off the topic: You would need either the free Adobe Reader or Digital Editions to read this eBook.

While personally I like the Author's previous book on JSF, this eBook is not very much interesting to read. This eBook neither serves the purpose of the programmers notebook nor as a reference material.

It simply goes through the code of the building Yahoo! trip application and Address book with GWT, something that you see in the last chapters of the Wrox published books - the sample application.

Out of 122 pages, most of the pages were taken over by re-printing the complete Java code. (Example Section 3: Drag and Drop).

Articles that covers integrating GWT with Spring/Hibernate/Maven is already available for free in Internet, so this eBook should have taken some other advanced topics.

Apart from the above comments, this eBook gives a good overview on using GWT with RPC, Java script tools, Hibernate and so on.

I particularly liked the Section 1 of this book that describes about GWT RPC.

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