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Marketing Management
by Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller

Prentice Hall
12th edition
January 2006
816 pages

Reviewed by Valentin Crettaz, September 2005
  (10 of 10)

Coming up with innovative ideas is one thing. Figuring out how to sell them and to whom is another completely different matter. These colossal tasks are usually tackled by marketing intelligence which has gradually become one of the most vital ingredient for business success and whose effects profoundly influence our day-to-day activities. In order to succeed, it is vital to recognize that marketing is a subtle mix of both art and science where the creative side of marketing actors must always be in constant tension with their formal side.

Marketing Management is commonly recognized as one of the most authoritative book on marketing. This twelfth edition has been updated with actual and up-to-date content. This book will teach you how to create, communicate and deliver value that meet human and social needs in a profitable way as well as how to grow your customer base efficiently. After a solid introduction of marketing concepts, the authors explain how to analyze consumers, identify target markets, build strong brands, elaborate strategies, create pricing strategies, deliver and communicate value, manage mass and personal communications, create successful long-term growth, develop marketing plans, conduct market research and much more.

This book is suited to both marketing instructors as well as highly motivated marketing students in need of well-organized marketing wisdom. Each of the 22 chapters features a comprehensive and illustrative introduction, a couple marketing insights and memos, good and bad real-world examples, interesting debates and discussion exercises.

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