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The Art of UNIX Programming
by Eric S. Raymond

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
October 2003
560 pages

Reviewed by Mark Spritzler, December 2003
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This book has the makings of being a classic. However, after the 1st chapter, I found it to be a very difficult read. I have only been able to reach page 192 of 478 pages in almost 4 weeks.

The point of the book is to demonstrate the art of programming through examples in the UNIX world. The zen of programming, if you will. The general idea of teaching important aesthetic and logical principles of programming is a great one. These principles are extremely important and should be a requirement for every computer science major and programmer in the world.

The case studies presented go a long way in demonstrating each principle. However, unless you have an extensive UNIX background, many of them will pass you by. Or, like me, you just might pass by them to get to the next section because you are frustrated by how slow of a read it is.

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