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Struts: The Complete Reference
by James Holmes

second edition
December 2006
800 pages

Reviewed by Andrew Monkhouse, June 2007
  (8 of 10)

Don't let the title confuse you: this is more than just a reference book. This book provides a worthy introduction to Struts in general, as well as references to the various Struts libraries and other components.

The one area I felt this book let's its readers down was in the areas outside of Struts that are still needed when developing Struts applications. For example, using non-standard HTML constructs (even when the standard constructs would have been easier to read), or including all the Struts libraries when not all were being used by the application at that time.

However these are minor issues: the book itself is well laid out, and easy to read. Readers who are new to Struts will soon be able to write their own Struts applications, and readers who already use Struts daily will learn new features and new tricks. This book starts with the very basics of how to get a Struts application up and running, provides information on how to scale your Struts applications so that the code and configuration does not become unwieldy, and how to make it a more professional application with information on internationalization and security. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. When counting in the reference materials, it is easy to see that this is a book that has something for anyone working with Struts, and is a valuable addition to any bookshelf.

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