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Answers to Core XML

Author: Mapraputa Is

  1. Answer : b
XML document must have at least the document element (root).
2. Answer : a
3. Answer : a

b is wrong because root tag is missing
c is wrong because tags are nested unproperly
d is wrong because the closing tag is omitted
4. Answers : a c e f
It is illegal to omit quotation marks around attribute values.
5. Answer : a
6. Answer : b
7. Answer : a

b is wrong because there can't be a space after opening "<" character;
c and d are wrong because there can't be a space between "/" and ">"
8. Answer: a
9. Answer: a

10. Answers: b d
11. Answers: a b c
12. Answer: b

Only one attribute with type ID is permitted for each element.
13. Answers: c d
Well-formed XML document is not allowed to use "<" and "&" characters within an attribute value
14. Answers: a c
15. Answer: b

a is wrong because the string "--" is not allowed inside comments
c is wrong because comment cannot be placed inside a tag
d is wrong because comments cannot be nested.
16. Answers: a c
b is wrong because cdata should be CDATA
d is wrong because symbols "]]>" are the only symbols that are not allowed in a CDATA section are.
17. Answer: a
18. Answer: b

a is wrong because the XML declaration must be right at the beginning of the file
19. Answer: b
a and c are wrong because required attribute version is missing
d is wrong because version, encoding and standalone attributes must be in that order
20. Answers: b, c, d
21. Answers: d
22. Answer: c