Tack Room

Tack Room

Here's a selection of some of our JavaRanch supplies.
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White T-Shirt

Perfect for chores around the ranch

Golf Shirt

Cool on the range (Driving range that is)

Baseball Jersey

When you are relaxing after a hard day on the Ranch.

Boxer Shorts

Stay comfortable in the saddle

Baseball Cap

Shade your eyes on the Range

Frosted Moose Mug

Perfect for long nights at the Saloon

Large Moose Mug

Perfect for that large cup of coffee


Great for those hot nights on the range!


Perfect while browsing your favorite site (www.javaranch.com)

The items above can be ordered through CafePress by clicking on the item. They have one of those shopping cart thingy's.
barbed wire
We have some special items below that can be ordered through JavaRanch. These one's are REAL cool!!



The famous JavaRanch moose

The moose emblem on a t-shirt

Various shirts with embroidered emblems

The chicks love 'em.


30 bucks for the first shirt, 10 bucks for each shirt after that. (no size mediums left)

Shipping and handling anywhere in the world is free.

How to order

Send e-mail to paul@javaranch.com and tell him the size and style you want and how you would like to pay for it. If you want to use a credit card, he'll send you a PayPal bill. Otherwise he'll send you an e-mail with details on where to send your check. Note that we're getting to the bottom of the barrel on these shirts, so when you write, we'll confirm if we have what you want.