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For free internet access, check out Lycos
For a wide variety of training courses, check out (they even have 3 different Java courses)
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Computers | Electronics
   PC Connections Clearance Items
   IBM Home & Home Office Specials
   Handspring — Visor Family
   Ask Dr. Tech
   Netscape NOW!
Jobs | Education | Money
   E*TRADE Power Search
   Link Share
Web Hosting
   Network Solutions
   Verio Web Hosting
   dot com essentials

Music | Books
   Textbooks at Cost
Food | Health
   Ace Specialty Foods
   Almond Plaza
   Bodega Chocalates
   Open Table
Flowers | Gardens
   Burpee Seeds and Plants
   Gardeners Supply Company
Furniture | Home | Office Products
   Franklin Covey Shopping
   The Sharper Image
   REI | Outdoor Gear
   Tankless Water Heaters
   Deluxe Business Checks and Forms
Phone | Travel
   Hello Direct: Your Online Telecom Resource
   Phone Free
   Think Link
   Internet Vacations | Airline tickets | Rental Cars tickets
   REI | Travel Gear
Cards | Gifts
   Custom Holiday Postcards, $.99 or less!
   Made to Order
Toys | Collectibles
   Spencer Gifts
   Anyone Can Whistle
   Kodak Photo Albums