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This Year's Winners
Date Title Publisher Winners Request Sent to Publisher
January 4 Lucene in Action
by Erik Hatcher and Otis Gospodnetic
Manning -Gian Franco Casula
-christina ku
-Adeel Ansari
-Ilja Preuss
January 11 Struts Design and Programming: A Tutorial
by Budi Kurniawan -Bill Bug
-Jitesh Sinha
-Tad Dicks
-Marc Peabody
January 18 SWT/JFace in Action
by Matthew Scarpino, Stephen Holder, Stanford Ng, Laurent Mihalkovic
Manning -Lionel Badiou
-Barry Brashear
-Jared Cope
-Gregg Bolinger
January 18 SCDJWS Certification WhizLabs -Ko Ko Naing
-Anushe Khan
-Surasak Leenapongpanit
-Peter Sin
January 18 Subversion in Action
by Jeffrey Machols
Manning -Nick Bauman
-Santosh Ram
-Jeff Langr
-Craig Demyanovich
January 25 Java Reflection in Action
by Ira R. Forman, Nate Forman
Manning -Jim Bracks
-Ali Pope
-Lasse Koskela
-Jeanne Boyarsky
January 25 Struts Recipes
by George Franciscus, Danilo Gurovich
Manning -Srikanth Shenoy
-Ankit Pradhan
-Alex Kravets
-Dale DeMott
February 1 Apache Axis Live
by James Goodwill -Ramesh Donnipadu
-Jean-Louis Marechaux
-Theodore Casser
-John Todd
February 8 Eclipse 3.0 Kick Start
by Carlos Valcarcel
Sams -Naina Si
-Steven Bell
-Morten Moeller
-Jon Brasted
February 8 Taming the Technology Tidal Wave: Practical Career Advice for IT Professionals
by Jacquie Barker
ObjectStart Press -jim gotti
-Matt Kidd
-swami dorai
-Tim Holloway
February 15 Hiring The Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds: The Secrets & Science of Hiring Technical People
by Johanna Rothman
Dorset House Publishing -Linda Pan
-K Huang
-Mark Herschberg
-Ben Souther
February 22 Pro Spring
by Rob Harrop and Jan Machacek
Apress -Sonny Gill
-JeanLouis Marechaux
-Lasse Koskela
-Darrin Smith
March 1 Pro Jakarta Tomcat 5
by Matthew Moodie
Apress -Surasak Leenapongpanit
-Gary Rather
-John Ackerman
-chris coleman
March 8 Agile Java: Crafting Code with Test-Driven Development
by Jeff Langr
Prentice Hall PTR -Prashanth Lingala
-miguel lisboa
-Mark Vedder
-Iain Palmer
March 8 Robust Java
by Stephen Stelting
Prentice Hall PTR -Stan James
-Horatio Westock
-Steven Bell
-Paul Sturrock
March 15 Java: The Complete Reference, J2SE 5 Edition
by Herbert Schildt
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media -kelvin cheung
-Jeroen Wenting
-Paul Sturrock
-Reghu Ram T
March 29 Head First Java, 2nd Edition
by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
O'Reilly -Horatio Westock
-Clay Adkerson
-Jeroen Wenting
-Jimmy Die
April 5 JOnAS Live
by Stéphane Traumat and Vikas Sachdeva -Olexiy Prokhorenko
-Sivakumar Nachimuthu
-Jessica Tan
-Ken Loh
April 5 Desktop Java Live
by Scott Delap -Gregg Bolinger
-Sean Magee
-Ammar Karimi
-Zee Ho
April 5 Struts Live
byJonathan Lehr and Rick Hightower -sandeep kumar jangra
-Jason Menard
-Michal Bienek
-Richard Mendoza
April 5 WebWork Live
by Matthew Porter -Phil Kula
-chinedu efoagui
-abhi maj
-Craig Walls
April 12 Spring in Action
by Craig Walls and Ryan Breidenbach
Manning -Anselm Paulinus
-Pradip Bhat
-Lasse Koskela
-Reghu Ram T
April 19 Java: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition
by Herbert Schildt
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media -M Beck
-Jeff Bosch
-Saurabh Khanna
-russell lloyd
April 26 The Software Development Edge : Essays on Managing Successful Projects
by Joe Marasco
Addison-Wesley Professional -Mohan Karthick
-Ilja Preuss
-Kishore Dandu
-Robert Paris
May 3 Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development
by James O. Coplien and Neil B. Harrison
Prentice Hall TBD -
July 12 Beginning Java Objects: From Concepts To Code, Second Edition
by Jacquie Barker
Apress -Marilyn de Queiroz
-sanjeevmehra mehra
-rathi ji
-Pat Peg
July 19 JBoss : A Developer's Notebook
by Norman Richards, Sam Griffith
O'Reilly -Dale Seng
-Axel Janssen
-Lasse Koskela
-Dave Salter
July 26 SCBCD Exam Study Kit
by Paul Sanghera
Manning -rathi ji
-Nicholas Cheung
-Meg Adal
-Paul Croarkin
August 2 Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects
by Jared Richardson and Will Gwaltney
Pragmatic Bookshelf -Ilja Preuss
-Tony William
-Bridget Kennedy
-Dale Stewart
August 9 Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases
by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter
Addison-Wesley Professional -John Smith
-Norm Radder
-Stan James
-Tony William

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