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what is the Difference between Thread and Deamon Thread

maha anna
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I am giving a reference Baldwin's Java Tutorial

Daemon Threads

According to Java Primer Plus, if you set a thread as a daemon thread using setDaemon() method, you are specifying that the thread belongs to the system and not to the process that spawned it.Daemon threads are useful if you want a thread to run in the background for extended periods of time.

According to Deitel and Deitel, Java, How to Program, "A daemon thread is a thread that runs for the benefit of other threads."

Daemon threads run in the background and do not prevent a program from terminating. For example, the garbage collector is a daemon thread.

A program can include a mixture of daemon and non-daemon threads. The Java virtual machine will exit when only daemon threads remain in a program.

maha anna

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Thank u maha
u provided very good refences.