Author Topic:   Please help me. Giving the test in one week.
ranch hand
posted May 08, 2000 02:56 PM             
Hello Maha Anna or Any Body else who took the test,

Please let me know how much do i have to know regarding i/o,g.c,threads and collections.In i/o do i have to know all the methods.


Nalini Mistry
ranch hand
posted May 09, 2000 03:11 AM             
in io only constructurs you should know really well, what takes what and which classes allow what kinds of info reading/writing - like Datainputstream for primitives etc. These you can get by looking at the method names in the API. gc - just when memory occupied by some is eligible for gc and basic theoretical stuff about how gc runs/ low priority thread/cannot guarantee gc to run now/diff vendors can have diff gc implementations etc

maha anna
posted May 09, 2000 04:27 AM             
You are with us long time as far as I know. You are really doing hard work I think. You will definitly do well. Best wishes for you.
For IO
1. Be through in the hirearchy InputStream/OutputStream/Reader/Writer.
2. Be clear in the constructors. Which is eligible as an argument for which like that
3. Be clear about what all abstract classes and keep an eye on these classes because we can't instantiate them. For ex. new InputStream()
4.Try to be familier with the File class especially. And what are all the methods in File class and what is their purpose.
5.Construction of RandomAccessFile and some familier methods like seek()/getFilePointer()/length() etc..
6.Which classes are used for UTF reading.
7.What are all the interfaces in IO pack and which class implements which , what extra funcionality got by implementing these interfaces etc. For Ex. RandomAccessFile and DataInput/OutputStream implement DataInput/DataOutput interfaces. There is one more set ObjectInput/ObjectOutput.. and Serializable
8. You need not remember the methods in each and every class I think. Others can add to this. Because the qstn which I got was you can answer very easily.

For GC
Just search this forum for garbage and see.

For Collections
I read/read/read again and again R&H book and noted what are all the different interfaces/their hieararchy and the implementation classes. And each ones adc/disadv etc. Compare Brogden and R&H and make notes if possible. You can do well if you know which interface is used for which requirement like that.

maha anna

ranch hand
posted May 09, 2000 04:37 PM             
Thanks Nalini & Maha.