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posted April 11, 2000 04:09 AM           
Hi Everyone

Congrats to all who cleared JAVA2 exam.From last two months i'm reading lots of material tried few mock test,still i lack confidence.

My question is what is the standard of real exam compared to R&H CD tester and Jexam (I felt it too hard).Is there any site I can get more mock exam excluding those listed in tis site??

I really mess up with multiple answer(chek box ones) questions.Can anyone tell in the real exam approx. how many of these will be there??


raja pratap
posted April 11, 2000 04:20 AM             
This site gives the whole plan how to prepare for exam
and you will find some more Mock exams I guess.
All the best.

maha anna
posted April 11, 2000 07:19 AM             
One small idea which comes to my mind regarding the 'multiple choice' qstns is, you DO NOT consider the WHOLE qstn as a SINGLE qstn. Consider them as 4 or 5 true/false qstns and then answer.

I also say this. This above idea works most of the time and slips away few times. Because sometimes you may have to relate to the other options and then decide.

I also request you and others also to write some 'meaningful and descriptive subject lines for your posts. Just 'Help' or anything in general words is not a good idea to attract people to answer.
maha anna

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