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Srivathsan Kris
posted April 09, 2000 12:16 AM             

I wrote SCJP once and i scored 66%. The areas will i didnt do well were garbage Collection and Declarations & Access Control.
Could u please suggest how 2 over come these parts. Im planning to take up SCJP again. Im also refering to Books (Thinking in Java-Bruce Eckel and Java 2 by Boones). Any additional u would like 2 suggest ?




maha anna
posted April 09, 2000 08:18 AM             
I am really sorry for you. It's brave of you posting and asking for help. I am sure a lots of people out there who are not posting here when they get less %. I suggest you to refer to JLS here for declarations. You go from there. Did you read Marcus tutorial. There is 1 more at Jyothi Krishnan's site . For GC I suggest you to search this site with the keyword garbage and go through all the discussions carefully. I wish you very best next time. Please allow enough time for youself, and do lots of mockExam. Don't refer to anything while taking these mock exams.
maha anna

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