Table Name                What it contains                            Data for initial deployment
jforum_attach             link attachment with post/pm                none
jforum_attach_desc        the actual attachments                      none
jforum_attach_quota       ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_banlist            banned IPs, users, e-mail                   populated through user servlet for users (action item for IPs)
jforum_banner             ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_bookmarks          user bookmarks                              none
jforum_categories         top level forum categories                  export from test server
jforum_config             most users info                             none (started empty on coderanch)
jforum_extension_groups   ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_extensions         ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_forums             forum list                                  export from test server
jforum_forums_watch       users watching a given forum                none
jforum_groups             bartender/sheriff/user group definitions    export from test server
jforum_karma              ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_moderation_log     log                                         none (started empty on coderanch)
jforum_posts              link post data with text                    (need to migrate real data later)
jforum_posts_text         the actual post text                        (need to migrate real data later)
jforum_privmsgs           link pm data with text                      (need to migrate real data later)
jforum_privmsgs_text      link pms                                    (need to migrate real data later)
jforum_quota_limit        ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_ranks              bartender/sheriff/user group criteria       export from test server
jforum_role_values        maps users to their roles                   populated through user servlet
jforum_roles              permissions for each role                   export from test server (re-did because import removed all access)
jforum_sessions           who has logged in - by cookie?              none (started empty on coderanch)
jforum_smilies            recognized emocations                       n/a - still using ones from default install
jforum_themes             ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_topics             thread names                                (need to migrate real data later)
jforum_topics_watch       users watching a given topic                none
jforum_user_groups        what users are in what groups               populated through user servlet
jforum_users              user definitions                            populated through user servlet
jforum_vote_desc          ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_vote_results       ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_vote_voters        ? (empty on test server)                    none
jforum_words              ? (empty on test server)                    none