Movin' them dogies on the Cattle Drive
by Carol Murphy

The longest day of the year has come and gone. Shoot, it's July already. High time to take a moment and look back on the last 3 months of the drive. Since we last checked in, we've had 8 greenhorns join us on the trail. Well, make that 7 greenhorns and 1 bartender and lowercase dad. Generally speaking, this has proven to be a scrappy bunch of cowpokes. 3 of 'em have already bagged their first Moose heads! We also had a couple of old-timers resurface, and the number of active drivers at the moment is an even baker's dozen. Now, let's get down to particulars.......


Our latest batch of greenhorns has been positively prolific in the amount of trail they have devoured. Let's welcome:

None of these folks were even in the saddle 3 months ago! I hope they aren't driving them doggies too hard, but that's pretty impressive trail blazin' for a bunch of greenhorns. Be sure to check out all the new Moose Heads here:

Sticking it out

No longer newbies, their saddles broken in and their expressions determined. It's hard to believe by the look of 'em that this bunch of riders with the grim visages were the new kids on the drive back in March. They are:

I noticed a few of them have bogged down in the badlands of Java Say. Those of us who have experienced this stretch of trail have nothing but sympathy for those who are slogging through it now. The only advice I can give is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and make sure you don't run out of beer. I mean water. And then there's this expression that I have been wondering about for weeks. Erin, what exactly is Pechooye-chong?

The old hands

The rest of us grizzled old riders are strung out along the trail from Java 4a to JDBC 3:

And then there is our mystery rider, Susan Brown. We don't know where she is, but if any of you run into her on the trail, say hey, and offer her a cup of Java. (or coffee, whatever she prefers.)

Gosh, I hope I haven't overlooked anyone! With this many drivers on the trail I could very easily have missed one or two of 'em. But heck, there's always next time. Well, the sun is settling down onto the Pacific Ocean here at the western edge of the world, and I'm hoping all of you drivers have somewhere safe and dry to lay down your bedroll tonight. Happy Trails!