Movin' them dogies on the Cattle Drive
by Carol Murphy

In keeping with the hype surrounding the Academy Awards, I was contemplating writing this installment of the Cattle Drive Journal in the form of a movie script, but seeing as how March has come in like a wildcat and I'm hunkered down in the middle of a storm I figured I'd be lucky to get anything written at all before the wind decides to lob another tree into a power pole. Typing in the dark is tough. So no script.

Despite the wild weather, there has been a lot of activity out on the trail these past few weeks. We've got 5 new drivers who are just workin' their way out of the chute, and possibly 6. Seems we have a shadow rider, or Stealth Driver, who has left signs in the cattle drive forum, but has yet to post her actual position in the assignment log. One driver is gettin' near the end of the line, and a whole slew of 'em are stretched out somewheres in the middle.

Let's see now, if I can just move this sleeping cat a little bit to the left without getting scratched I can get down to particulars.


Let's give a rowdy JavaRanch welcome to our new drivers. These folks have been out slogging through the mud and ridin' through the rain when they could be sittin' in some comfy saloon. They must be plumb loco, or just crazy about learning Java! Say hello to:

Then there's our mystery rider, Susan Brown. No one knows where she comes from, or even what kind of pony she's ridin', but she's bagged her first Moose and has been raisin' some dust in Oop-1. Keep an eye out for that one!

Stout Hearts and Bruised Heads

Deb Wright is currently banging her head on Say-4b. She got through the first part of the trail pretty quickly, but seems to have hit a brick wall on the trail. I have faith in the hardness of Deb's head, and keep in mind that almost everybody else who has been where she is now did exactly what she's doing.

Adam Price has bagged his first Moose, after implementing a novel approach to clearing up space on the wall. And he has found his GeekWatch! Way to rope, Adam!

Strung Out and Blazing

Stuart Goss is currently ropin' Oop-2, NaturalLanguageMultiply, which ain't all that natural if you ask me, and then there's a vast stretch of open trail, with drivers we haven't heard from for awhile strung out all along it. I wonder it they even noticed the fiery ball that blazed past them, driving a herd of wild-eyed skinny cattle who haven't had a chance to stop and eat because the pace was so fast? Yep, I'm talkin' about Kelly Loyd, the comet. He's blazed his way to JDBC-2 already and I don't think he's even broken a sweat.

Honorable Mention

Tommy Leak has just resurfaced, after fighting his way through a rain-swollen river, only to be reminded he's working on Say 4-b. (Maybe Deb will make room for him on that wall.) Now that's fortitude!

Well, that's about all the action on the drive, and the storm is startin' to kick it up a notch. Better get this sent off. I'm going to traverse my own bit of trail, Servlets-3b. Yep, still struggling up that Ant hill. My pony thinks it's hilarious, the way I can make a mountain out of an Ant hill.

It's hard to get in the saddle when your horse is laughing so hard...

See ya out on the trail! (Fade to black)