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Desktop Java Live
Scott Delap
Desktop Java Live by Scott Delap isn't your typical "how-to java book full of API references and JButtons. DJL is a pioneering book that teaches you how to write desktop applications using best practices and how to use a plethora of open source libraries to enhance and ease the development of applications.

Chapter One introduces you to desktop applications all over again. Scott talks about the shift from rich desktop apps to browser based applications over the past several years and how to determine if your application is right for the desktop.

Chapter 5 introduces you to the Event Dispatching Thread and discusses common threading pitfalls in Swing applications. Scott then shows you several different freely available APIs that have been made available to help Swing developers deal with threads more effectively. You can search the web for weeks and not find the culmination of useful information available in this single chapter of Scott's book

Coming up are chapters on Java WebStart, Installers, Obfuscators, and Testing. Scott writes in a way that that is easy to follow and understand but does not water down the topics. Scott knows what he is talking about and that shows throughout the book. If you've never written a Swing application this book won't explain how to do that. But if you are even remotely familiar with how to develop Swing applications this book will help your next application be the best it can be.

(Gregg Bolinger - Sheriff, August 2005)
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