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The Topic: Pair Programming is NOT always a choice

Over in the Process forum, Sonny Gill found relief in a recent blog entry from Kathy Sierra:

Phew! I am not alone, I mean I am not the only one who is alone!! What a relief.

I was referring to being a bit of a loner in general, and not specifically in relation to Pair Programming. I also find that, although I am perfectly ease at being in company of other people, often I prefer not to. For me, staying at home reading a good book, or getting together with one or two friends at a quiet place is as much fun ( if not more), as going out and meeting with a large group of people. And I find it really strange when some people think that there is something wrong with that.

Now from my limited knowledge of PP, although pair programming is not a standard practice at my work place, I find that I am really uncomfortable working if there is somebody sitting right beside me looking at it all the time.

But, I have no problem going through any code that I have written with someone trying to find problems or explaining it etc. And that piece of code can be as small as a 10-20 lines long method, but while I am writing I prefer to be alone.

So, I am fine with a practice where, for example, I spend 30 minutes writing some code, and then I spend 10 minutes with someone going through it, and then back to coding on my own.

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