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Java Testing and Design
Frank Cohen
This book is an excellent guide to testing web applications and web services, and will benefit all readers from someone just starting testing, through to experienced testers trying to test a particular service.

The first third of the book describes testing in general, and how it can be applied to web applications. The second part tackles different connectivity methods, from HTTP through XML & SOAP; from one off messages, through testing sequences of messages (including maintaining session data), from user testing, through performance testing. Each chapter describes the issues and the potential problems with testing, then provides a clearly detailed description of testing using the PushToTest open source test tool. The final third of the book details some case studies of tests that Mr. Cohen has been asked to devise.

My biggest concern with this book is that, despite it's title, it really has very little to do with Java. The tests definitely apply to applications written in Java, and java classes can be used by Mr. Cohen's test application, however the book equally applies to testing any networked service, regardless of the language it was written in! Of lesser concern is that there is practically no discussion about testing outside PushToTest testing framework (not a big concern since PushToTest is open source).

This does provide excellent insights into testing, and easy to use tools and explanations for performing the tests. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone involved in testing networked applications.
(Andrew Monkhouse - Bartender, April 2004)
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