Movin' them doggies on the Cattle Drive

It's where you come to learn Java, and just like the cattle drivers of the old west, you're expected to pull your weight along the way.

The Cattle Drive forum is where the drivers get together to complain, uh rather, discuss their assignments and encourage each other. Thanks to the enthusiastic initiative of Johannes de Jong, you can keep track of your progress on the drive with the Assignment Log. If you're tough enough to get through the nitpicking, you'll start collecting moose heads at the Cattle Drive Hall of Fame.

Fresh rider on the Drive...
Next time you see Dale O'Connor 'round the 'Ranch, give 'em a tip of the hat. Dale's the latest greenhorn to sign up for that ropin' and codin' adventure known as the Cattle Drive.

Another moose on the wall for...
Yep, that's right, you make it through, you get yerself a nice little moose to hang on the wall. Well, OK, so it's a virtual moose on a virtual wall, but you can be right proud of 'em! Thanks to the efforts of Marilyn deQueiroz, you can now proudly admire your codin' accomplishments at the Cattle Drive Hall of Fame. Check it out, pardner, it's worth a wink.

Them moose sure took a beatin' this month, with the Cattle Drivers huntin' them down left and right. Wirianto Djunaidi, Diego Klappenbach, and Sharon Ross all have moose heads to hang on their walls for completin' the first set of Cattle Drive codin' assignments. (Turns out Wirianto's had some experience ropin' cattle already in Colorado territory and even knows the lay of the land out that way better'n the locals.) Greg Neef and Marie Mazerolle each bagged their second moose for completin' the OOP assignments, and both are makin' progress with servlets.

Nitpicking is hard work too...
We know they're workin' reeeeeally hard, after all, we've seen what those assignments look like once the nitpickers have combed through 'em. Hats off to Marilyn deQueiroz, Pauline McNamara, and Jason Adam for their dedication and patience with the pesky vermin that always manage to make their way into those assignments.

Joinin' the Drive
You think ya got what it takes? You ready for some work and some good learnin'? Then pull up a stool and read up on Joinin' the Drive. Good luck!

Cattle Drive update by Ol' Timer Michael Matola